Wolfgang Thaler

Wolfgang Thaler had the idea to found Cointed in 2015 and has since been the man at the wheel who gives the direction. He is the organizer of the company.


Daniil Orlov

Daniil is an animal when it comes to working. Through whole mountains of work, he tirelessly struggles and still has a smile on his face. He is the high-performance machine of the team.


Charli Aho

Charli Aho should be called Daniel Düsentrieb. He is responsible for all technical matters within the company and has already brought us one or the other innovation. He is the technology master at Cointed.



Our Thomas is a true foreign language genius. Besides English and German, he speaks Java, C ++ and other languages. He is also in charge of the most tricky tasks on the PC for Cointed. He is the problem-solver.



Robert is a new member of the team and the extended arm of the management, who has been making a valuable contribution to the company since 2017. The newcomer in the team.