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For Bitcoin, if it becomes a thing, it will become an enormous thing. It will be world-changing. But if it’s nothing, it’s nothing. There is no in-between.

Adam Draper

And let me tell you something, Bitcoin is a ‘thing’ alright.

 Cryptocurrency in a tech-driven industry


The lionization of cryptocurrency in the world has increased, and there has been the development of methods to invest and transfer money through digital platforms in ways we could have never imagined. Gunbot, a trading bot, has made our wildest dreams a reality, and this Gunbot Review will show you how Gunbot has the “x factor,” giving it the edge we so desire in this tech-dominated world.


While trading bots have been around for a while, there have been intense developments in technology, the complexities of which may be intimidating to even the best of tech gurus. The intricacies involved in the digital world of money may seem a little daunting at times, but for an enthusiast regardless if you are a pro or someone trying out something new for the first time, the excitement is unparalleled. To keep up the passion, and to save on time and energy, trading bots have been created with greater efficiency levels and a higher ability to make money. Imagine being able to pursue what you love, hanging out with your friends, taking a nap for a good few hours while trading currency, and making money. Gunbot is one such trading bot that can make this possible.


Cryptocurrency is changing the world… and somehow, it is through the means of even more intelligent technology as if it couldn’t get fascinating enough.  


We need to talk about Gunbot

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Gunbot is an automated crypto software for trading, which is generally referred to as a trading bot. Its origin can be traced back to 2016, when Gunthar De Niro had first developed it. It works based on a computer algorithm that enables one to perform various transactions concerning cryptocurrency at ease.


Gunbot facilitates the needs of both beginners and masters of the trade-in cryptocurrency. It has been developed through the use of “Rapid Application Development,” which allows for the process to be user and input centric. All that has to be done is a simple installation of the software where the data would be stored locally, ensuring the protection of the exchange keys. The privacy of trading is also guaranteed through local data storage. 


It works on various trading exchanges, including that of Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, and Binance, amongst others. These types of bots are mainly designed to aid someone interested in purchasing and therein selling cryptocurrency at the relevant exchange platforms. Artificial intelligence has made this possible to support intelligent decision making in the bots allowing them to buy currency as soon as there is a fall in price and sell the money once the costs are back on track. When the market is in a good state, and there are more favorable conditions prevailing, one has the opportunity to earn profits continuously with minimal indulgence in trading by themselves. Under favorable market conditions, one can continuously make profits without personally indulging in any trade. It sounds like a pretty good life.


A point to note about Gunbot is that while one may have minimal intervention in the trade, the decisions that are made by the bot are dependent on the strategies that one input. You are in control. Taking into consideration whether the needed market factors are currently prevailing, or one has the desire to create a popular trading strategy (such as that of Step Gain, Supergun and Ping Pong) generally assisting investors in the raking in off profits, one has the power to create such customized trading strategies. The aim is to ensure that there is a maximization of profit and minimization of any losses that could occur.


Automated trading has a set of perks that aid the entire trading process, and one such perk is that using one strategy does not mean one can’t use another. You have the option to buy while using a plan that would allow you to earn maximum gains at low prices and consecutively sell cryptocurrency using a different strategy. That’s the best part; while the bot does all the trading and work, you have the overall control to use a strategy and govern the trading rules that work well for you, which tailor makes it to your requirements. 


The pre-coded strategy “Emotionless” that’s provided for in the “Starter Edition” and upwards works well for newbies of the trade with more focus on the realization of profitable trades. For those with more knowledge and experience, Gunbot has it all with the higher editions allowing for the creation and the combining of strategies. There is a wide range of options through the strategy builder of the bot that ensures one can trade the way they please. This Gunbot Review allows for an analysis of the features, pros, and cons of Gunbot to assist a well-informed decision. This Gunbot Review provides for a summary of the features, pros, and cons of Gunbot to facilitate a well-informed decision.


The Process: How to “work it.”


Using Gunbot is a simple process, which involves a few necessary steps.

  1. Connecting the cryptocurrency exchange’s API keys
  2. Selecting a trading strategy or devising a new one
  3. Choosing the trading pairs as per your desire
  4. Let the bot get to work!


Aside from this, one also has the option of coding or backtesting a particular strategy based on one’s capability and experience to derive the most out of the bot.

To put it, Gunbot, through the use of customizable tools, assesses whether bitcoins can be bought or sold by analyzing the highs and the lows. One may also acquire additional bitcoins than what is currently there in the wallet by using Gunbot as it creates active traders. With minimal intervention, as evidenced by the steps involved in the process, Gunbot can continuously rake up profits while actively being involved in the trading process.

Trading bots rely on the strategies that have been inputted. While there are various market forces at play which insinuate the numerous probabilities regarding price, it is prudent that one should have the required and desired knowledge of the market of cryptocurrency before investments are made via trading bots.

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The Features


  1.     The Strategies

There are several pre-coded strategies that are available on Gunbot, which allows for ease in trade. Whether you want to play it safe with a fixed percentage in profit or go aggressive with faster trade or combine the two, Gunbot has 14 strategies for buying and selling for not only margin trading but also spot trading.


  1.     Trading Terminal

The performance of the bot can be reviewed on charts. Detailed statistics may be provided for all the trades that have been performed using Gunbot.


  1.     Unlimited Trading Pairs

Gunbot also has the feature of being able to employ countless trading pairs on the premium version and perform such transactions on whichever cryptocurrency of one’s desire.


  1.     Reversal Trading

An exciting feature of Gunbot is that without investing any amount in addition to the preliminary buy order, it allows for a system to accumulate during bear markets.


  1.     Easy Installation

Gunbot requires a simple procedure for installation, which would take all in all about 10-20 minutes for a system that runs twenty-four seven three six-five, keeping a vigilant eye on the markets and a track on price movements and opportunities. It also can be installed on a personal laptop or any VPS, which makes the process even easier due to local installation.


  1.     User-Friendly

The interface is responsive, and in general, trading bots reduce human intervention and any manual labor. The interface is responsive and efficient, which furthers the ease of the process. If you’re starting or used to complex interfaces, Gunpot does not allow anyone to get lost in the intricacies of the trade.


  1.     Multiple Exchanges

The current exchanges that are supported include Poloniex, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Bitmex, Kraken, Bittrex, and Bitfinex, which are the most popular exchanges.


  1.     Powerful Addons

The trading view is an addon which authorizes Gunbot to buy and sell different signals on from traders, which makes the entire process faster.


  1.     The license of a lifetime

There is only a one-time payment that is to be made, after which the license for Gunbot is there with you for a lifetime. One can get updates and newer versions of Gunbot at no future cost.


  1. Access to Support and Community

There is ease of access to technical support that is available through telegram, where questions can be answered about the process in detail.


  1. Notifications and Alerts

Trade notifications can also be received through a telegram to keep you up to date on the trading.

Advantages of Gunbot


  1. You have the choice of choosing a strategy out of a variety of already coded strategies or devising a new one to suit your needs.
  2. It is opportunistic allowing for the bot to buy and sell for you per spikes and crashes in the market.
  3. The option of notifications/ alert triggers available, which assists in the facilitation of automatic trade.
  4. Easy installation and a one-time cost with lifetime updates available, there is no monthly subscription that is needed.
  5. A powerful script with different strategies and unlimited trading pairs available. This allows for using any number of active trading pairs that are available.
  6. Technical support is available to help in the process-questions.
  7. It can be installed on the computer locally.
  8. The cryptocurrency does not have to be given to any third party when using Gunbot.
  9. There is support for several popular exchanges available and multi-platform.


Disadvantages of Gunbot


The primary disadvantage of Gunbot is the nature of the cryptocurrency market itself, which is highly unpredictable and volatile. The bot is an automated system for trade in cryptocurrency, but even the software cannot be heavily relied upon concerning the uncertainties of the market. To overcome this, it is advised and stressed that one is updated on the market happenings to ensure safety and less risk with investments that are made.


Aside from the market, those who are relatively inexperienced may find it a little tough to download and set up the strategy that is to be used due to a lack of acquaintance with such software and trade. Since the bot itself is reliant on the strategy of your selection, there must be prior knowledge about the strategy and the types available to make an informed decision regarding the same.


Since the software is a powerful one, there may be lagging on the device on which the software is installed. It may be prudent to ensure enough availability of space to prevent such lags.



A huge perk is that it’s a one-time expense for the Gunbot license, after which updates are available free at cost. Various plans are available for different prices, depending on the requirement. The plans that are priced at a higher level provide access to different features than the plans at a lower price.

  1. The ‘Gunbot Starter Edition’ for 0.1 Bitcoin

It is the lowest cost plan, which provides for support for only one exchange. It allows for an unlimited transactions and an unlimited number of trading pairs. There is only one available strategy. With the purchase, there is an upgrade coupon that is available that gives a discount for purchases in the future.  


  1. The Gunbot RT Standard Edition for 0.1 Bitcoin

In addition to the features of the Starter Edition, the Standard Edition allows for all the strategies available on the platform to be employed as well as the Reversal Trading and Double up features, but only a single exchange is open as in the Started Edition.


  1. The ‘Gunbot RT Pro Edition’ for 0.15 Bitcoin

In this edition, three exchanges may be accessed in addition to the features available for the Standard plan.


  1. The ‘Gunbot RT Ultimate Edition’ for 0.25 Bitcoin

Access is available for all exchanges, which are supported by the software, along with all strategies and unlimited transactions and pairings. Reversal Trading, TradingView, and Double up add-ons are available with this plan as well.



Gunbot – Conclusion


In conclusion, through this Gunbot Review, it may be ascertained that Gunbot is one of the most responsive and fastest trading bots available, which is built on one of the best algorithms making it reliable for creating strategies that are sturdy and robust.


“Bitcoin is here to stay. There would be a hacker uproar to anyone who attempted to take credit for the patent of cryptocurrency. And I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of hacker fury.”

Adam Draper


Franky, I don’t think any of us would like to be on the receiving end of it as well. Technology has the power to change the world, and Gunbot may let us leverage the most incredible bits of the future at an affordable price, using technology that uses technology to trade, and make money conveniently in the comfort of our own homes and at our laptops while sitting back and probably listening to that new Taylor Swift tune.


Draper went on to state that “I think that the future of currency is digital, and Bitcoin has a good shot at being the currency of the future.” Well, it may be said that Gunbot is the tech that will bring in that very future. Whether for those just starting in trade of crypto looking for a safe bet and constant gains or a professional testing maximum performance, Gunbot is the go-to bot.