Crypto World Evolution Review

Cryptocurrency is a great investment. It can bring great profits, but with how volatile the market is, most individuals will have a hard time trading cryptocurrency. This is where cryptocurrency trade bots come in.

These are essentially computer programs that use algorithms to trade in cryptocurrency for you. They can be godsends, with their efficiency and ease of access. Although they are easily available, it is not difficult for one to fall victim to a myriad of scams that could cost a lot of money.

This Crypto World Evolution Review hopes to shed light on the efficacy of this software.

There exists a plethora of cryptocurrency trading bots in the market. Several of them are scams, or fake. In this article, we’ll see how one uses this software, its pros and cons, and whether or not it is a legitimate cryptocurrency trade bot.

So let’s get straight to it.


 What is Crypto World Evolution?

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Before this Crypto World Evolution Review begins, you must be familiar with what it is.

Crypto World Evolution is a cryptocurrency trading bot. This means that it is a program that will trade in the cryptocurrency market on your behalf, using algorithms to predict the market trends and learn when trading will be ideal.

The purpose of cryptocurrency trade bots is to make cryptocurrency trade easier for a layman, and Crypto World Evolution promises to do this.

Crypto World Evolution is one of the simplest trading bots available in the market at the moment. It works on the principle of a multi-hybrid trading algorithm. This algorithm works through APIs and helps individuals garner profits via the microtransactions the bot conducts on behalf of the user.

Registered in Belize, their trade bot conducts all trades through user created accounts on supported exchanges. Naturally, the bot is not allowed to withdraw funds from your account, nor can it view your account details.

Crypto World Evolution allows users to set up the bot such that it takes higher risks which could potentially lead to higher profits.

Another feature offered by Crypto World Evolution is a multi-level marketing program. This is essentially a program that allows you to generate a profit if you promote the bot. The company pays you a commission for every person that uses you as a direct referral.

One can gain higher profits through this multi-level marketing program – as it pretty much guarantees profits for every referral – whereas the trading method has the potential to carry high risks. The company cannot guarantee profits by the bot as they can be significant enough only based on your investment in the market.


Features of Crypto World Evolution

One cannot provide a proper Crypto World Evolution review without talking about all of its features. Aside from the multi-level marketing scheme,  there exist several other features that are provided by the Crypto World Evolution trading bot.

Some of the features Crypto World Evolution claims to provide are as follows:

A simple User Interface: Crypto World Evolution boasts a very simple user interface. It is one of the simplest trade bot interfaces out there. On the screen, you will find everything that you need. It guides you through the various steps that must be followed in order to provide the bot with access to your accounts on the supported exchanges.

It is very well-optimised, and performs efficiently across platforms. It can be used on desktops, mobile phones or even tablets. The design makes it easy for beginners and amateurs to navigate the platform.

Synchronization with the market: A good number of cryptocurrency trade bots will show a slight lag in displaying prices live from the market. This is not the case with Crypto World Evolution. With live tracking,  Crypto World evolution is in perfect synchronization with the market.

This ensures that the trades conducted by the bot on your behalf are live. It also ensures that you are able to access the system whenever you want.

Expert consultation: A feature that is unique to Crypto World Evolution is expert consultations. Market Experts are on the panel of the company. They constantly advise their users on how to trade, and help in analysing the market.

With automatic trade recommendations through the bot’s algorithm, users can find it easy to make informed choices with their investments. Though, the majority of these expert trade advice are low risk and hence profits may not necessarily be that high.

Educational Tools: This is yet another feature that is unique to Crypto World Evolution. Essentially, the company conducts webinars which help beginners gain a perspective of the market that would help them learn about the process of making profits using the bot.

These webinars also provide real time knowledge about cryptocurrencies and provides the users with some basic understanding on how to trade on a platform exchange.

Customer Support: This is a very useful feature provided by a lot of crypto trading bot services. Crypto World Evolution has a technical team standing by, ready to help you solve any issues at any hour of the day. The technical staff is well trained and experienced enough to ensure that you are provided with the fastest solutions.

Pros and Cons of Crypto World Evolution

A Crypto World Evolution review  would be incomplete without a list of pros and cons. Like every software that enables cryptocurrency trade via bots, even Crypto World evolution has its advantages and disadvantages. They are as follows.

Advantages of Crypto World Evolution

Fast Setup: Setting up an account with Crypto World Evolution is very easy and takes almost no time.  Once an account is set up, it can easily be synchronized with exchange platforms and trading can begin.

Aids Learning: With the resources provided by Crypto World Evolution, it is not very difficult for a beginner to learn about cryptocurrency trading. This feature can be used by amateurs and beginners to get gehl ki understanding of how trading and the market works.

Disadvantages of Crypto World Evolution

Supports a relatively low number of Exchanges: Crypto world evolution only supports around 4 exchanges. This is relatively low, with other bots supporting upwards of 6 exchanges.

Lack of actual profit: Users have been seen boasting about unrealistic profits, and as there is no verification of the same, the entire thing seems like a scam. With a wide array of claims and almost nothing to back them up, the whole thing seems to be fake.

Compulsory Pro Package: The platform requires that you switch to the pro package within 90 days of purchasing the basic model. With an increase in cost by around $1500, this compulsory upgrade seems unnecessary and is definitely unwanted.

Lack of real information: There is almost no technical details regarding the working of the bot, the development teams or any legal terms and conditions. Even the website has not much information on the creators or the technical team of the platform.

Shady Business Model: The platform seems to rely more on its Multi-Level Marketing Program rather than its trading bot. The entire service seems to promote its referral business model immensely.  And it seems like it is easier to garner profits through this than through the bot. This is extremely shady and makes the whole thing feel like a scam.


Why do we think Crypto World Evolution is a Scam?

 When it comes to cryptocurrency trade bots, there are a lot of scams out there. Crypto World Evolution, in our opinion, may be one of them.

One of the biggest red flags is the fact that the company relies heavily on its multi-level marketing scheme. Major profits can mostly be made using this aspect of it rather than the actual trading bot. This could possibly be a Ponzi Scheme, with its method of roping in customers through referrals and such.

There isn’t much information on the developers of the platform. This is very shady, as it provides no way to connect the site to anyone. All the website shows are names of people who are most likely figureheads. On looking them up, you will find that they have almost no presence online, which is extremely concerning.

The profits promoted by so-called real users are unrealistic. Users showing up to 70% profit in 48 hours in hostile market conditions, is really too good to be true. This kind of unrealistic advertising makes one almost certain that Crypto World Evolution is a scam.

Even respected members of the community have come out saying that Crypto World Evolution could be a scam. One such review  was that of Craig MacGregor, the founder and chief engineer of NavCoin. He talks about the platform here. In his piece, he says “I have spent my weekend investigating this product and the team behind it. All the evidence suggests that Crypto World Evolution is a Ponzi scheme and the CWE Trading Bot software is likely to be programmed to steal your cryptocurrency.”


Our recommendations?

So to guide you in this difficult to discern area, we’d like to recommend Cryptohopper for all your Cryptocurrency trading bot needs.

Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps simplify the crypto trading process. It is helpful for traders of all levels of experience. It helps maximize profits and reduces the chances of loss.

Cryptohopper provides an easy to use and fully feared service that enables users to easily trade multiple cryptocurrencies while removing human related errors from their trading process.

The bot doesn’t guarantee profits, it simply allows traders to make smarter trades based on algorithms.

With packages starting as low as $19 per month, with several amazing features and very beginner friendly interface,  Cryptohopper is a great place to learn and trade.

The platform is very active on social media and boasts a large number of users. It has been engineered to provide users with viable solutions that help traders generate profits on a more consistent basis.

Ultimately, we would recommend Cryptohopper as it is far more reliable and user friendly than a lot of other services available in the market. It can be used to generate profits and seems to be free of any sort of scams.  


Crypto World Evolution, is a platform that makes a lot of promises. It is a software that relies heavily on its Multi-Level Marketing Schemes. It also has a pretty good educational aid program.

But when it comes to its trading bot, which is the main product that it sells, no guarantee can be provided on its efficiency. The company boasts really unrealistic profits in short time spans and this does not seem feasible.

Its heavy reliance on its Multi-Level Marketing programme, causes one to compare it to a Ponzi scheme. 

All that being said, ‘fraud’ and ‘scam’ are fairly strong words to use when reviewing such a product. Considering that even with a bad bot, one can gain profits by knowing how to invest in the market, this service may not be completely unreliable.

 If they know how to invest or if they can get enough referrals, users can still generate profits. Using the bot, the profits garnered may not be nearly as much as advertised. The most effective methods of gaining profits here would be through direct referral commission.

With several better options available in the market, like Cryptohopper, we would not recommend the usage of Crypto World Evolution  to you.


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