BTC Robot Review 2020

With cryptocurrency trade becoming popular every day, a new technology called the cryptobots has taken a rise as well, this BTC robot review is a detailed guide to why a user should consider using the BTC crypto robot.

Bitcoin trade has reached certain fame in the past decade, we have heard so many stories coming out to how random people invested in bitcoins a long time ago and experienced a huge profit. Ever since cryptocurrency has infested the online trade market with it’s fluctuating profits, the currency has been in and around every rookie and professional investors. 

At the moment, people are eagerly trying to invest in many cryptocurrencies without really knowing the correct tactics of the game. This genuine ignorance is usually taken care of by brokers and agents who sit and invest on their behalf. But with technology evolving at its fastest rate, the geniuses in the tech industry came up with a new method of funding, the cryptocurrency trading robots

These robots are incorporated with software and algorithms within a system that studies and evaluates the cryptocurrency market and invests on your behalf. This new age method is much more efficient and profitable than any human broker. The bot runs on the internet and hence, always online and constantly evaluating the market, even if you do not have the time to look at it, and it will make decisions on your behalf to sell or buy the crypto stock. 

If the bot predicts a loss coming, it automatically sells your crypto stock and invests in something much more profitable before you undergo a massive failure. 

At the same time, this bot keeps an eye out for currencies that might gain profit and will purchase it in the best time. 

Cryptobots are indeed a marvel of technology, but these have been around for a while now. Some companies claim to have perfected the art of crypto robot trading, and some companies are yet to make a mark, but in this review, we talk about the BTC crypto bots, which is one of the most legitimate crypto trading bots out there and indeed guarantees a worthwhile experience. 


What Exactly Is The BTC Robot?

The BTC cryptobot is a software that is engineered with algorithms that function on the cryptocurrency trading platform. This robot studies the variation in the crypto trade market and then makes critical decisions on behalf of its user. 

Algorithms of this bot are developed in such a way that the software carefully calculates the varying trade of cryptocurrency and does an analysis on the highs and lows of the trade. This analysis is then compared to the records of the same trade on the market to see whether any currency which might be dropping now, will eventually have gained a massive profit in the future. 

After mathematically calculating the risk, the robot will buy and sell the users stock or trade in order to keep him/her undergoing huge losses, and to allow them to gain profits. 

The BTC crypto robot is made to strategically work non stop (even when you physically are not online) so that it is always aware of all the ups and downs happening in the market and will withdraw any trade before a major loss. 

With a large plethora of tools and accessories, any new trader who has no idea of the trade game can easily operate it and earn a decent profit in no time. Many of these cryptocurrency robots are making trade miners obsolete and work much faster than any human. With an extremely user-friendly interface, this software works well with rookie investors as well as veteran traders.  

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BTC Robot Review: Features List

This BTC Robot Review is packed with many features that make the user experience worthwhile! Let’s check them out: 

1. Good user interface

The BTC robot is claimed to be one of the most comfortable bots to install and use. Users have reported that the software is extremely user-friendly. Many other trading bots require an intense installing process. Also, to use BTC, you do not need any prior experience in the crypto trading bots since the application gives a step by step guide to invest and learn. 

2. Least limit on investing 

Another flashy feature of BTC is that it allows a meager price on the minimum investment cost. Many other trading bots ask for higher rates starting from $400 and going up to at least $1500. But BTC has it all figured out and allows users to invest the least, of about $100. This is a good concept as many new traders do not really start with much, and also are sceptical about trading. Once the $100 gains reasonable profit, the users are given the freedom to invest more. 

3. No transaction fee

The BTC robot makes sure that there is no fee being deducted through banks via commission. This is one of the best features of BTC. It assures that all the profit that you earn goes to you directly without any of the amount being deducted anywhere in the middle. 

4. Effective and efficient trading 

BTC is known to be one of the fastest bots in the trade  market. It does not particularly wait for significant fluctuations and sort of trades at a high-speed rate. This is somewhat better than many other bots that might wait a week or so before actually investing in something. This fast method has proven to be a bit risky but has guaranteed profits. 

5. Safety   

The BTC is one of the safest bots out there. None of your bank details are stored in the application. This again is a unique feature as many other trading bots let you transact amounts and use them as you like. But BTC makes sure that no transaction is possible, and is solely used for trade and investing. 


Can We Really Make Money With The BTC Robot? 

With its controversial history, one might think twice before investing from BTC. But the fact that there have been claims to people eventually  making huge profits puts those doubts to rest. The cryptocurrency trade is a very volatile market. It fluctuates almost every second, and clearly, only something as vigilant as a robot can detect that. 

The trading game is somewhat risky, but at the same time is a risk worth taking. Because the algorithm of BTC is very strong, and the robot is equipped with state of the art trading tools and accessories, the chances of experiencing a loss diminish. 

But there are other robots in the market as well, and others may be doing well according to their capacity. BTC itself is claimed to be a signifcant player when it comes to trading bots, and time and again has proved too. 

At the end of the day, the BTC robot miner guarantees a good trading experience with a profit, so yes, we can really make money with the BTC robot. 

BTC Robot Pros

The BTC robot has many benefits: 

  1. The robot is claimed to work well in a comparatively  stable market, giving users up to $1500 on a $1000 investment.  
  2. The software is very easy to set up and configure. Making sure that the user needs no technical knowledge to make trades. 
  3. The company has a 60-day money-back policy, and this gives new users the opportunity to try out the BTC robot before making a permanent decision on the trade market.  
  4. The robot is emotionless and completely logic-based; this cancels out the flaw of major decisions getting clouded by human instincts, doubts, and frustrations.  
  5. Since BTC is a robot that works on logical iterations, it has a quicker response time compared to any human, making better profits and minimizing losses. 

BTC Robot Cons

BTC is not flawless. It has its  drawbacks, like everything else. 

  1. Recently the company was claimed to have not delivered what they said on their website, and this was a point brought up by many users. BTCs name came up a few times in being called a scam, but nothing was proven.  
  2. The company has really sloppy customer service. It is not fast, nor is it any good. 

BTC Robot Pricing

BTC comes in three major plans on an annual basis, these are: 

  1. Silver Plan:- This is priced at $19.99 per month and offers a single license on an MT4 broker of the users’ choice. 
  2. Gold Plan:- This plan is priced at $39.99 per month and offers 3 licenses and one MT4 broker of the users’ choice.
  3. Platinum Plan:- This one is priced at $399, giving 3 licenses on 3 MT4 brokers of your choice, for a year.


Despite its shady past and complaints online, BTC has actually proven to be more profitable than many big cryptocurrency trading robots in the market, from this BTC robot review Many users in the past year have had much profit with BTC, and the user count keeps increasing per day. With no commissions charged and no transaction fee anywhere, BTC is indeed a very legitimate cryptocurrency trading bot and is slowly finding its way to the top.