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Over the last few years, the demand for cryptocurrency has definitely been on the rise. Being as versatile as it is, this should come as no surprise. It can be accessed from anywhere, and can be used for a variety of transactions. They have helped a lot of people make immense profits with mining and normal trading.

We can all agree that crypto currency is an amazing investment, so why is there a lack of investors in the market?

For starters, The cryptocurrency trade market is extremely volatile. This leads to difficulties in investing. Another major factor that affects most people is their lack of experience in trading with cryptocurrency. While it is true that without experience, a lot of things are really difficult, with our help, this won’t be the case. That’s our aim here at Cointed, to make cryptocurrency trade simpler.

At Cointed, our goal is to make your cryptocurrency trading experience a whole lot better. We understand the difficulties individuals face while getting into the cryptocurrency trade market, and we’re here to help. Irrespective of if you’re a beginner who’s just starting to invest in cryptocurrency or an experienced trader looking for tips, we’ve got something for everyone.

Why Trust Us?

There are tons of sites that offer the same services as we do, so we understand if you are sceptical about our services. What do we have that should make us worthy of your trust? Well frankly, we were exactly where you are once.

We developed this resource to combat the troubles we faced when we started out. We were full of questions and confusion. Finding resources we could trust was never easy. That’s what led us to create Cointed.

The internet is full of information. The problem is that all the information on it cannot be trusted. We created this site to provide individuals with useful and reliable information.

With extensive research and quite some experience, this website is for anyone trying to get into cryptocurrency trade. Every article published here is made available only after being rigorously tested. We ensure that the platforms and exchanges have been thoroughly checked and only then do we put out reviews.

Alternatively, we put in extensive research into those that we cannot test. No article here is without a thorough check up.

We do this to ensure that our articles are trustworthy.

How do we work?

We follow a rather simple process. Before we write an article, we do a thorough research on the software/ exchange. We then collate all the information we gather on the topic and then build the article.

While writing on exchanges, we try to use all the exchanges before writing our reviews. We put ourselves in the place of the consumer, allowing us to give our articles a perspective users would appreciate.

If this is not possible, an in depth study is done before anything is written.

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Affiliate Disclosure: may earn commissions when you click on softwares/ platforms recommended in the articles. However, that in no way influences our review and ranking process. It is based on data and only done after extensive research.